quarta-feira, agosto 23, 2006

Receita mágica

Há duas coisas essenciais para o sucesso com qualidade:
boa gestão e motivação!

terça-feira, agosto 01, 2006

A propósito...

Ele também entra!

Separados de fresco

"... the issues between Brooke and Gary are very real. It happens in everyday lives. There is nothing dramatic, and it could be just as simple as doing the dishes, or buying a few lemons. I don't want to have to ask my husband to help me with the laundry or cleaning. This is our family, our house, our laundry, and he should voluntarily offer his help.
Somehow, this concept is very difficult for guys to understand.

"...she was hopeful that thinking about the possibility of losing her, he would regret his behaviour, apologise and change. This is an impossible dream that girls keep believing in.
Somehow, this concept is very difficult for girls to understand